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An Alternative Low Cost Job Center – and Skill Training Center For Youths 13 years and above.  To create, promote and encourage awareness and exploration of career in the Media– hands on.    We teach –   Photo- Graphics-Audio –Video and other Studio Arts, Crafts & Skills to Artistically Talented Students whose interest and aptitude match, while they (Student) complete their Secondary Education Program. 

We are Youth Powered, Youth Centered, Youth Focused and Youth Friendly.                                   (1) Some students learn differently. We help them pursue their aptitude driven interest that may not be taught in the formal school setting.  They in the process gain quick knowledge at starting their own Small Media Business with little or no money as                                                         Young Media Entrepreneurs.

We encourage leadership and entrepreneurship skills, behavior health and collaborative work.  We are inclusive.        Call or visit us @ 240-582-5137 /  wykrdc.org /   wykrdc@aol.com

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We Are An Alternative Learning Ctr.

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Welcome again people. This is wykrdc.org The Yinka Sulaiman Ruth Studios. I want to tell you more about our Multi Media Studio Classroom – Photo-Video-Audio-Graphics. We are an alternative learning center. Teaching hands on Media Experiences, otherwise not taught in the formal School setting. We are Youth Powered, Youth Centered, Youth Focused and Youth friendly. Getting the young ones prepared for the future even as they complete their High School Education.

We have a whole lot of Learning Experiences and Peer Collaboration in our day today activities in our Studio Classroom – for stipend. Teach them everything is our watch word, for we don’t know which might come handy later in life.

‘Hands on’ is important in today’s world because everyone is now Small Business Owner in one form or another.

It is important to know how your equipments works – at least basic knowledge- to get the most out of them by taking good care of them so they can last long.

Know the dos & don’ts of successful, long lasting career as Independent Media Entrepreneur, using your creative talents and gifts to make a living, even to old age

Understand how to acquire and invest in appropriate equipments for your business. Profitably manage such by horning your people skill to create business opportunities when you keep your clients coming back by reasonably pricing your work.

Follow your bliss. Do what you love. Be happy. Get lost in your passion. It makes time stand still.  Start small, Start now.

Call I-888-761-3404 or 240-582-5137. Go to our website @ www.wykrdc.org to learn more about other services that we offer.

These are hard to find services that are only available at our Studio & Classroom. We exist to serve you. Tell us what you think, like us on Face book and remember to be nice.



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