YK MEDIA- STUDIO & CLASSROOM. 240-582-5137 / wykrdc.org / wykrdc@aol.com

img_6192-camera-mic-radio-copy YK Studio & Classroom  – 240-583-5137


An Alternative Low Cost Job Center – and Skill Training Center For Youths 13 years and above.  To create, promote and encourage awareness and exploration of career in the Media– hands on.    We teach –   Photo- Graphics-Audio –Video and other Studio Arts, Crafts & Skills to Artistically Talented Students whose interest and aptitude match, while they (Student) complete their Secondary Education Program. 

We are Youth Powered, Youth Centered, Youth Focused and Youth Friendly.                                   (1) Some students learn differently. We help them pursue their aptitude driven interest that may not be taught in the formal school setting.  They in the process gain quick knowledge at starting their own Small Media Business with little or no money as                                                         Young Media Entrepreneurs.

We encourage leadership and entrepreneurship skills, behavior health and collaborative work.  We are inclusive.        Call or visit us @ 240-582-5137 /  wykrdc.org /   wykrdc@aol.com

Business Cardmy-studio-photo-video-audio-graphics-016





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