MEIDA-JOB-SKILLSServing Washington DC and it’s environs, ‘The Media Entrepreneurial ship Discovery Program‘ is designed to teach Studio Techniques for Teens and Preteens 10 years up.ENTREPRENEURSHIP-PHOTO-ADVERT

It can create jobs and make some spare change for your child. Which may also translate into future of economic freedom for her/him. Encourage their creativity. Fan the flame of their entrepreneurial spark.  Your child may be one of the next generations of Media Moguls. Let him/her start with us at Our Studio & Classroom.Don’t wait any longer. They grow so fast and out of your care before you know it. This is the time to teach them everything. No knowledge is lost. You never can tell which of the knowledge and experiences would come handy someday. Our Studio and Classroom is inclusive. Every child go at his and her own phase. We are inclusive. God has not created anyone that cannot learn – especially when it is by DOING.

Show me how and let me do it MYSELF. That is what Our Studio Classroom is all about. We are about doing every step of the way. We go out to take our pictures.  Get behind the mic to put our Audio together.  Our Cameras captures whatever catches our attention and equally creates whatever comes across our minds, bringing it from the abstract realm to the concrete where everyone can see, touch and appreciate it. We are Artiste -very creative people.

Give your child a chance at life. Call us today for more information. A trial will convince you.

Call 240-582-5137. E-mail us at wykrdc@aol.com or visit www.wykrdc.org

Check out our Podcasts – The Yinka Sulaiman Radio Show – Compassionate, Non judgmental and Educational.

Non expensive tools advocated until a child is old and learned enough to understand   tools care & maintenance which is part of our study here at the Studio Classroom.  .

There are many benefits to the whole family when your child understands the use of digital camera, basics of audio recording and graphics. Having a Photographer in the family saves money.    Your child could become the genius on the block and that can be emotionally gratifying.