Yinka Sulaiman’s Songs Of Therapy

YINKAS-BAND-CARNIVAL-NO-PHONE-#-Sept (2016_04_23 01_15_25 UTC)When the going gets tough and circumstances of life stares you in the face (as we all shall experience at one time and another in life). Instead of turning to drugs, alcohol and other vices, there are are other better ways to deal with it. It includes among others turning to your old pictures and images. Reliving the past through those. Hopefully you have invested in documenting and protecting your memorable events in life and most especially the many family miles stones. If you have not been doing that then you should start. talk to us. We do those for less. It is like saving for the rainy days. Document and protect your past it could heal the future.

Now back to our small talk. I said  among others, turn to your old pictures or images. Re live the past. Remember how you have survived to date. Then you will realize that you are tougher than you give yourself for. “It too  (the circumstances of life that is weighing you down presently) shall pass” Find your type of song and dance. Bust into rhymes. If you have family song, historical rhymes (oriki idile ) on tape or CD ( if you don’t have one then talk to us. We’ll put it together for you for less. You’ll be glad you did.) So slot it in and dance. Find some of my talks and songs play it and listen to it. Again understand that “it too shall pass” like the bird in the sky. Hard times are for a short while- to teach us certain lessons and soon as lessons are learned the problems disappears. Don’t let your system go into shock. Sometimes if you cool calm yourself, give yourself time to ruminate on the issue, the problem may bring it’s own solution when you least expect. Aren’t no need to do the unthinkable or get into drugs and booze. Find me. There are ways to live your life to the fullest spite of all odds. Believe me.  YINKA SULAIMAN RUTH SONGS, TALKS & IMAGES  – SIMPLY THERAPEUTIC! FOR CRISIS PREVENTION

my-linkedhn-logo-tell-yr-own-story-wth-picturesMy Selfie. Mama Ifkean – Yinka Sulaiman Ruth. Gradually fitting into my old clothes. …….. going VEGAN. Got to try. Hard but have to. For health. Most importantly for goodness sake. The horror that poor harmless animals go through to become food for us – humans, is unbelievable. PURE HORROR.image-0850-layinka-in-fro